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Restaurant CIOs


Technology support for Restaurants.

Areas of Practice


Strategic Alignment

The merging of technology and business has never been more intense.  Technology should be considered in almost every business decision you make.  Restaurant CIOs knows how to align these two traditionally-distinct practices to make them holistic and most effective.

POINT Of SALE systems

One of the most important decisions you will make in your restaurant is choosing the right POS system.  If the timing isn't right for a new choice, then maximizing the current POS system is critical.  Not only is this the transaction engine of your business, but the source of most of information you will use to effectively measure your business.  Restaurant CIOs specializes in this critical technology and the ever-increasing systems that connect to it.

Marketing Systems

Intelligent marketing is an important function that will distinguish your restaurants from your competitors'.  The best marketing programs change customer behavior.  First knowing your guests' behaviors will allow you to target messaging directly to them.  Then, measuring the success of that messaging, you can best adapt to affect future behavior.  The Restaurant CIOs have worked with some of the world's most marketed brands and understands the impact of great marketing systems.

Information Risk Management

The risks of data breach are increasing and the consequences of failure could be devastating to your business.  Data protection and compliance goes beyond payment systems to systems where guest and staff information is stored. Restaurant CIOs can help minimize these risks with triage and compliance programs.

Business INtelligence 

Your company now has access to vast amounts of information.  Combining, comparing, and deeply analyzing this information is a big undertaking.  You want to see information that elicits action that can benefit your business. Restaurant CIOs can expertly link multiple data sources and help define what might best impact areas like marketing campaigns, food costs, or  staff engagement.

Payroll, Inventory, and Accounting Systems

Today, money moves via technology systems.  Like technology infrastructure, the back-office systems don't get the notoriety but need to be on a solid foundation.  Restaurant CIOs understands the value of these systems and how important it is to properly account for the lifeblood of your business.

Product Delivery

Your business runs on multiple technology systems. These systems need to be evaluated, sourced, customized, and implemented.  Restaurant CIOs has implemented 100's of technology systems and has proven methods to ensure the success of delivering these systems, whether bought or developed in-house.


While not typically the area most talked about, the information infrastructure is at the core of everything your restaurants do; from data protection, to processing payments, to delivering reports. Restaurant CIOs knows the importance of these systems and understands the newer technologies that can likely even reduce costs over systems just a few years old.

Talent Assessment

The Restaurant CIOs have led technology teams of 1 to 50 people. Assessing the technical talents that are right for your hospitality company is crucial exercise in company value.  There are times when having in-house tech talent is ideal, and there are times where external services are a better choice.  



Not Typical Consulting

This is not a typical technology consulting service.  Because of our ongoing relationship, we attain a much deeper understanding of your business.  This extensive knowledge, combined with our talents and experience in the restaurant industry, allows us to provide maximum value to your company.  Restaurant CIOs can be retained annually, but on a more-affordable, percentage-of-full-time basis. Restaurant CIOs doesn't just want to consult with you on a project and leave before you understand the reality of its implementation.  We want to be a part of your team.... a partner in developing a holistic technology strategy as the restaurant world changes over time.  

Restaurant CIOs handles “projects” too, but we understand that those with the most impact require more than simple project management.  Implementing new technology can potentially disrupt your entire operation if not handled properly.  

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