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Day one at CES was powerful (except for Central Hall)

I am fairly new to blogging, so please cut me some slack as I attempt to take you through my first day at CES this yea. I tried to focus day one specifically on tech most likely to have an impact on the restaurant world... but, only based upon a search of the CES app for things like “restaurant” or “payment” or “hospitality.”  This first post is just setting up my two-day visit.

Remember, this is a consumer electronic show, not specifically targeted to businesses. But, I’ve always believed that understanding what will be in our guests’ hands in 3-4 years will drive where we should focus our attention as restaurant operators today. 

Day one was eventful for sure.  Armed with my list of vendors and the CES app I entered the Central Hall to start looking at the big consumer electronic companies like LG, Sony, Intel,etc.  My entry into the Hall was ethereal.  Seeing curved OLED UHD screens with the deepest blacks and sharpest colors I have ever seen was a good sign of things to come. 


Then, “click,” the entire hall went black.  Yes, a blackout at CES.  I can’t imagine how that affected so many tech vendors that spent millions to showcase their goods.   

But in the darkness came a beautiful sound.  Apparently, Intel hired a violinist for some reason  and she began playing soothing, hypnotic music; lit only by cell phone flashlights.  I couldn’t help remembering the Titanic, though, and wondered if we were sinking to our deaths.  


Somehow I survived and managed to bump my way into another hall to continue my journey.  More to come. Hope I am doing this right (am I supposed to spell and grammar check? Knowing me, I will go back later and do that).  Stay tuned.  - Joe

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